How to buy

To follow the ART LA ROSA auction sales, you can consult the website under the "Auction Calendar" section or subscribe to the newsletter to receive emails on the auction sales calendar, services offered and scheduled events.

You can take part:

  1. Directly at the auction that is held at our headquarters in Catania, viale Africa 12.

    The auctions are open to the public, upon registration, and without any purchase obligation.
    Each auction is always preceded by five days of exhibition to allow the exhibits, their state and quality to be observed and checked.
    To participate in the auction, it is necessary to register and obtain a paddle, which will be delivered by Art La Rosa staff on the day of the Auction, following registration.
    Registration for the auction can take place also in the days before and during the exhibition days, up to 24 hours before the beginning of the auction sale.
  2. With a written purchase commission

    If you are not able to take part in the auction directly, you may provide written bids using the form that you will find attached here or in our printed catalogue. The form should be filled out completely with your personal details, catalogue number, lot number and description of the item you are interested in and your maximum bid.
    The commission must be sent to Art La Rosa by email at or by paper to the premises at Catania, V.le Africa 12, at least 24 hours before the start of the auction sale.
    A member of the Auction House will bid on your behalf during the auction up to the maximum price indicated on the form.
    Where there are bids of the same amount on the same lot, the one received earliest will have precedence.
  3. With telephone purchase commission

    Art La Rosa offers you the possibility of bidding by telephone when you cannot take part directly.
    You can book by sending the form that you will find attached or printed on our catalogue to our premises or to at least 24 hours before the day of sale.
    You will be contacted by a member of the Art La Rosa staff a few lots before those indicated in the commission so that they can bid on your behalf in the room, following your instructions for the following bids by phone.
    This service will be guaranteed within the limits of line availability at the time and in order of receipt of the requests.
    It is advisable that you indicate a bid that will allow Art La Rosa to act on your behalf where it is impossible to contact you.
  4. Online

    You will need to create your own account on our site, indicating all the required references, and signing up to take part in the live streaming online auction.