The silver section, which has always been present in our ArtLaRosa auction catalogs, offers the public exclusive pieces, made by different workers operating over a period of time ranging from the 16th to the beginning of the 21st century, including different areas of production, both national and European. A collection of artefacts that responds to the needs of a strongly consolidated market and which aims to satisfy the needs of all kinds of collecting tastes.

Molten, embossed and chiseled silvers with openwork and gilding enrich our collection of both sacred furnishings, such as censers, sprinklers and censers, and domestic economies and rituals such as gravy bowls and centerpieces, whose attributed values ??are added by the punches certifying the production workshops.
Among our Top Lots, pieces of exceptional technical manufacture, such as a pyx in vermeil silver punched and dated 1806.
Argenteria Ricci, Christofle represent only some of the names of our collection of Argenti are carried out every two months and boast a competence in the practical exercise of expertise and sales, the results of which are proposed in our auction catalogs, edited by our staff. highly specialized.
Top Lots