African Art

The department that handles African Art auctions at Art La Rosa examines, selects, and organise artworks belonging to the sphere of African art. The term African art encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions produced in Africa, all characterized by diverse styles and techniques used by cultures and tribes across the African continent, from North to South. African Art is often included in the catalogs of Art La Rosa's antique auctions, which aim, thanks to their excellent variety and diversity, to meet the tastes and style preferences of our collector clients.

The inclusion in the sales of rare and never-seen-before African artworks caters to the demands of collectors who prefer to diversify their acquisitions with eclectic, original pieces that carry deep meanings. The relationship of African cultures with art has a long history, with its roots extending into the past. Artworks originating in this context undergo various influences, not only European but also Asian and Islamic. Most African artworks are conceived and created for ritual, religious, or functional purposes. Ritual objects often use symbols, colors, and repetitive motifs to convey complex meanings that are challenging to interpret and translate.

The Department of African Art auctions selects precious works of craftsmanship that can be traced back to the 19th and 20th centuries, from the entire African territory and the Mediterranean coastal areas, as well as from sub-Saharan Africa. Our offering includes small and large stylized objects representing all those creations that are most representative and express the vision of cultures and peoples closely connected to their traditions and rituals. Wooden masks, statues and figurines, bronzes and sculptures, utensils, textiles and carpets, ceramics, plates, and common household objects, fired and polychrome majolica, ornamental and decorative objects—all are artistic expressions of African origin that you can find in Art La Rosa auctions. African art is characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, clay, and canvas, and by great technical skill.

As one can imagine, artworks produced in Africa are often associated with the representation of divinities and ancestors, political and social power, local traditions, and religious beliefs. In addition to being a continuous source of inspiration for many artists, African art has a significant influence on contemporary art and interior design, evident in the use of colors and strong contrasts, geometric and repetitive shapes to create harmony, the preference for natural materials, the stylization of forms, and the creation of profound meanings. It is important to emphasize that African art is very diverse and varied, and there is a great variety of styles, techniques, and artistic influences within the African continent.

Do you wish to sell your assets in our prestigious African art auctions? The experts from the African Art Department select works belonging to the sphere of African art. Contact us for a free and non-binding evaluation of your precious assets. To request an evaluation of your assets, simply fill out the evaluation form and attach images. You will be contacted as soon as possible.