ASORstudio - Who we are
The ASOR Studio is located in Catania, Sicily, the epicenter of Sicilian Baroque, the millenary Greek - Roman civilization, near mount Etna. It operates within the ArtLaRosa auction house, and is the beating heart, as assistance and support, for research concerning art, both ancient and modern, design and anything else related to both Sicilian and International culture, not neglecting contemporaneity.
For this reason it partners with young collaborators who, with the advice and decades of experience of the founder, Giacomo La Rosa, form a team, aimed at documentation and the temporal-historical-artistic positioning of the object of study.
Between analysis and synthesis, beauty and market, with severe application we measure ourselves daily to provide insights and news on everything that passes through the ArtLaRosa auction house.
It also plays the role of support for knowledge, research, communication and dissemination to the general public to make the interactions of knowledge understood: the creative reworking of the works of the past that manifests itself by updating itself through continuity and creative repetition.

Art shuns and rejects all cataloging, so it is not ancient, modern or contemporary as it is eternal.