Photography – which has always encountered significant challenges in establishing itself as a true art form – has finally solidified its position within an ever-expanding international market for authorial collectibles, particularly interested in the photography of the great masters of the 19th century.

As this sector is currently enjoying tremendous success, Art La Rosa Auction House dedicates a separate Department to photography: portraits, current events subjects, such as those dedicated to the earthquake that struck Messina in 1908, landscapes, nudes, and local figures, including peasants captured in their traditional attire. Our photography auctions pride themselves on offering quality works to enthusiasts and collectors to enrich their own collections. Due to the evident stylistic differences from more classical arts such as painting and sculpture, photography may be regarded as a minor art form with little investment appeal.

However, this is not the case at all; photography belongs to a highly interesting sector, increasingly appreciated by younger collectors or those who wish to invest without committing substantial financial resources. Purchasing photographic works at auction can be extremely cost-effective, an investment that can prove profitable in a very short time, thanks to the dynamism of the market.
Art La Rosa's photography auctions do not only deal with Italian authors but also internationally renowned photographers, major figures in photographic art, which excels in capturing delicate nuances and interpreting reality in an extraordinary way. The most sought-after techniques proposed in our catalogs are related to early experiments, from salted paper prints to albumen and collodion, by authors such as Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856-1931), Guglielmo Pluschow (1852-1930), and Gaetano D'Agata (1883-1949), whose top lots in auctions are respectively identified as "Youth with Flowers," "Female Nude," and "Boy Seated with Flowers."
Photography auctions are selections rich in special photographic works, sometimes rare; our experts evaluate photographs belonging to various thematic categories: provocative, bold, or socially critical photographs; works charged with strong emotional references or that break stereotypes and appearance codes; historical photography that has managed to capture extraordinary moments; urban photography that captures moments and glimpses of everyday life; abstract and surreal photography; photojournalism, and much more.

Criteria for evaluating photographs

The estimation of a photographic artwork depends on several factors. We can only mention some aspects such as the rarity of the work, the quality of the print, authenticity, the artist's history, the subject, edition, and the condition of the work itself. Other important factors in the estimation of an artistic photograph include the size of the work, the technique used, the artist's signature, and the inclusion of the work in significant exhibitions or publications. The evaluation of photographs begins with the physical inspection of the artwork by an auction expert. The expert examines the artwork to determine its authenticity, condition, provenance, and artistic quality. The expert may also consider previous sales of similar works and their current market value. Once the artwork has been evaluated, a starting price is set for the auction. The starting price is determined by the auction house based on its evaluation of the artwork and the current market price for similar works.

Our photography section auctions are held bimonthly and boast expertise in the practical exercise of expertise and sales, with results presented in our auction catalogs, curated by our highly specialized staff. Would you like to purchase authorial photographs at auction? Art La Rosa offers free consultation for clients who want to invest in artistic photography. Contact us for personalized advice on budget and style, or on how to expand an existing collection with works of artistic, historical, and cultural value. If you possess artistic photographs and wish to sell them at auction can contact Art La Rosa experts for a free and non-binding valuation of their artworks. Request an initial estimate of the works in your possession by filling out the online evaluation form. Selling your photographs with Art La Rosa is fast, easy, and advantageous.