Photography - which has always encountered enormous difficulties in its affirmation as a true art - today has finally consolidated its position within an international market for increasingly expanding author collecting, therefore for the photography of the great masters of the nineteenth century. Since this sector is currently obtaining enormous success, the Art-La Rosa auction house dedicates a separate department to Photography: portraits, news items, such as those dedicated to the earthquake that destroyed Messina in 1908, landscapes, nudes, and local characters, including farmers captured in their traditional guise.   The most sought-after techniques proposed in our catalogs are those related to the first experiments, from salt paper, to albumin and collodion, by authors such as Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856-1931), Guglielmo Pluschow (1852-1930) and Gaetano D ' Agata (1883-1949) of which the top lots at auction respectively are identified in Young with flowers, Nude of a woman and Boy sitting with flowers.

Our auctions in the photography section are held every two months and boast expertise in the practical exercise of expertise and sales, the results of which are offered in our auction catalogs, edited by our highly specialized staff.