Pop Art and Manifests

Pop Art and Manifests

Art La Rosa Casa d'Aste dedicates a department to the auctions of posters, playbills, manifests and pop art auction, events that offer unique opportunities to take a journey into the grandiose era of the reproduced image of the Twentieth Century. The Department explores the world of the art of posters and the astonishing pop art, masterpieces that best embody the essence of the Twentieth Century art, giving voice to the dreams and desires of a growing modern society. The art of posters, born for advertising, had information and propaganda purposes, spread widely at the end of the 19th century, becoming in a few years an immediate and easy means of diffusion thanks to the spaces for public billposting.

An emblematic century of great innovations and changes, the Twentieth Century has seen an authentic explosion of artistic expression that prompted artists to experiment with new illustration techniques, such as collage, and to adopt new styles and printing characters. Thanks to advertising posters, not only a new artistic language was born, but also a new expressive taste, in tune with contemporary trends, giving rise to the culture of marketing. Collectors and enthusiasts are always looking for rare manifests, especially post-war posters, artistic posters, vintage posters and pop artworks that have made the history of twentieth-century graphic art.

There are many subjects of twentieth-century posters and cinema and theatre playbills, from food to drink, circus, sport, travel, music, art, cars and political communication, works of particular relevance that testify to tastes and preferences, the ideologies that shaped the past century.
Posters and playbills are artworks to collect, but not only; these can represent useful tools for the study of communication in this century: simple but impactful images, slogans and intense colours, strong contrasts and impetuous lines, bodies drawn in dynamic ways that they become almost caricatured: all this was used to stimulate curiosity and imagination, desire, attract attention and convey ideas and concepts.

The 20th-century poster auctions organized by Art la Rosa present unpublished catalogs and collections of some of the most emblematic and significant posters of the period's publishing. The Department dedicated to period posters, playbills, pop art and 20th century papers offers the opportunity to discover works of high artistic value in monographic sales of liberty and art deco posters, erotica, magazines, photo envelopes, advertising posters, art and cinematic.

The Department also organizes sales whose eclectic catalogs have sections dedicated to posters and playbills, all works that stand out for their visual impact and originality, coming from reliable sources and private collections. The manifesto, like the playbill and printed posters, represent powerful means of communication, means that will always remain powerful tools for reaching people's imagination. And the auction represents an unmissable event to win works of great historical, artistic and economic value. Furthermore, the posters are ideal for those who wish to start their own original collection on a limited budget; with Art la Rosa it is possible, thanks to the auctions of posters and playbills, to purchase unpublished, sometimes historical works, crucial works for the diffusion of ideas of the twentieth century. Do you want to sell posters or posters in your possession?

Art La Rosa Casa d'Aste offers free valuations for manifests, billboards, leaflets, posters and other graphic works on paper. Our experts in graphic works, posters and cards from the 1900s are always at your disposal for free, no-obligation valuations. Selling with Art La Rosa Casa d'Aste is easy, fast and advantageous.