Casa d'Aste Art La Rosa is a pioneer in the Sicilian design market, thanks to the department exclusively dedicated to the sales of objects belonging to the sphere of contemporary design. The objective of the department that organizes design auctions is to research, identify, select, and propose works of great value, sometimes rare or unpublished, to collectors and enthusiasts of Italian and international design.

The artworks offered in our design auctions are carefully selected from private collections to meet the needs of collectors and enthusiasts. These exceptional objects combine beauty with utility and have the unique ability to tell the story of the inspiration and creative genius of the greatest designers of the twentieth century. The specialization in industrial design of the Department is a source of pride and transforms the sales into significantly important events for enthusiasts and all those who love industrial production and objects with robust and essential design, in raw materials characterized by an architectural factory style.

Italian design is increasingly appreciated abroad, as evidenced by our sector-specific sales followed by an international audience, increasingly knowledgeable and demanding, searching for treasures and rare works that are rarely found on the market except in auctions. The lots presented in the design auction catalogs include various selected works that cover a period of the last hundred years, marked by Liberty trends, roaring Deco lines, and all those products of creative inventors that are characterized by excellence. Without neglecting the important tradition of interior decoration and the search for the masters who have characterized its style. In our design and decorative objects sales, you often find big names in Italian design such as Venini, Velca and Arrmet, Gio Ponti, Pietro Chiesa, Max Ingrand, Fausto Melotti, Carlo Moretti, Piero Fornasetti, Vittorio Zecchin, and many others.

The top lots in design auctions are always masterpieces signed by some of the undisputed protagonists of the '900 design market. Among the many lots handled in recent years, we remember the majolica coffee table by Alessio Tasca, with an informal taste, and a 1960s lamp produced by Arredoluce Monza, designed by Angelo Lelli, in stainless steel.

Are you curious about the market value of an arwork or design object in your possession? Requesting a free valuation for design and other artworks you may posess, from our experts is easy and fast. You will receive a response as soon as possible, and if the item you have proposed is suitable for Art La Rosa's design auctions, you will receive an initial estimate. Selling with Art La Rosa is simple, fast, and advantageous.
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