For three years now, the Sicilian Art department of the ArtLaRosa auction house has been offering to the public of the international market ancient and highly prized ceramics from Caltagirone, an ancient artisan art of the island, with original decorations, typical objects such as traditional artistic pine cones, wonderful Moor's heads that have become true works of art, the work and tradition of both the old masters of the cart and the puppeteers, coming from different areas of Sicily. In this context - considered a minor category of productions until a few years ago, today the real historical-artistic value is finally restored thanks to the executive expertise of the shipwrights, carters, carters, decorators and painters, linked to the spirit since the nineteenth century and the character of the Sicilian tradition.

Our Sicilian Art auctions are held every two months and boast expertise in the practical exercise of expertise and sales, the results of which are offered in our auction catalogs, edited by our highly specialized staff.