Modern and Contemporary Art

Modern and Contemporary Art

That of Modern and contemporary art is one of the most important sectors for Art La Rosa Auction House, a field that has seen significant growth in recent years. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, limited editions, prints, serigraphs, engravings, lithographs, and other graphic works all fall within the categories of assets handled by the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art.

The primary goal is to offer collectors and enthusiasts unique opportunities to acquire rare, sought-after, or unseen-in-the-market works, all produced in the 20th century. The Department that organizes modern and contemporary art auctions successfully enhances the works entrusted to us by private collectors through expert evaluation that takes into account multiple criteria of estimation. Selling a modern and contemporary art piece at auction with Art La Rosa is advantageous and straightforward; our experts evaluate both individual works and entire collections while respecting the intermediary role.

The Department combines the needs of those who wish to sell their works while maximizing their value with the desires of collectors, who are always in search of works of quality and artistic, economic, and cultural value, signed by Italian and international artists. Modern and contemporary artworks are often characterized by strong experimentation with various artistic languages, the result of research and forays into the realm of the imaginary. Contemporary art is irreverent towards established moral, social, and artistic values from the past and draws inspiration from everyday life, shifting the focus from the content of the artwork to the creative process and the effect that the artwork can evoke in the viewer.

The current art market has a challenging task: to satisfy the demand for quality works and the ideal of collecting - in a more classical sense - with the financial interests of those who buy art to invest their money or diversify their portfolio. Our contemporary art auctions offer quality, reliability, authenticity guarantees, and a wide selection of works with economic and artistic value. The Department of Modern and Contemporary Art at Art La Rosa Auction House periodically presents sales of modern and contemporary art in its catalogs, often featuring works from the 20th-century avant-gardes and well-known artists, including Piero Guccione, Mimmo Rotella, Renato Guttuso, Bruno Caruso, Franz Borghese, Domenico Cantatore, and Trento Longaretti. It is equally common to include emerging artists in the sales catalogs, making these auctions ideal for starting a collection or for those with limited budgets.

Modern and contemporary art auctions are therefore unmissable opportunities both for buying and selling; they excel in responding to the current circumstances of the art market and satisfying the needs of a diverse and informed audience familiar with the latest market trends. Trust Art La Rosa Auction House to purchase modern and contemporary art at auction; our experts and highly specialized staff offer free consultation on how to start or complete a modern and contemporary art collection and provide personalized advice on which works to acquire based on the budget you wish to allocate to your investment.
Do you want to know the commercial value of a contemporary art piece? Have you inherited a modern art piece and want to know if it can be included in the catalogs of our contemporary art sales? We are at your disposal for free valuations of contemporary art pieces in your possession. Request an initial valuation of the contemporary artworks that you posess based on photographs, directly from the online form, and you will be contacted promptly with an initial response. Selling modern and contemporary artworks with Art La Rosa is simple, fast, and advantageous.
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