Felice Ficherelli Il Riposo
(San Gimignano , 1605 - Firenze , 1660)
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Ariadne saddened by Theseus' abandonment, 17th century

oil painting on canvas
70 cm x 105 cm; in frame 90 cm x 125 cm
Mythological scene depicting Ariadne saddened by the abandonment of Theseus, Dionysus consoles her and offers her the crown with diamonds that will constitute the Corona Borealis or Ariadne's Constellation. "The work is pervaded by a very subtle sensuality, the softness of the complexion of Ariadne and the handmaid is of Furinian ancestry. Ariadne, saddened by the abandonment of Theseus, although melancholy, exudes a chastened but voluptuous erotic sense, while she pines for the pain. The approach of the opportunist Dionysus gives rise to a sum of intentions and feelings between the characters, so as to make it seem that the protagonists are acting and emerge as if in a theatrical piece with their luminous complexioned forms faces that express inner emotion, with the breadth of emphatic movements give life to a work that speaks for itself, embellished with pictorial devices created by the painter, such as the shadow areas that illuminate the forms with light the painter shows affinity with his contemporaries: Furini Francesco (1603-1641) and Cecco il Bravo (1601-1661), his peers." STUDIO ASOR
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