Antonio Cifrondi
(Clusone, 1656 - Brescia, 1730)

Woman with chicken, 1700-1730

Oil painting on canvas
84x105 cm

Work without frame.

"In a sparse and flattened bluish background, the only reference to an external spatiality, the figure of a bent elderly woman emerges from the dim light, with a forehead furrowed by wrinkles and robust arms - worn out by hard work in the earth - which outline her role as a country girl. With a sober naturalistic composition, the woman can be considered the true protagonist of the painting even if, in reading her lax gaze -  worn by tiredness and age - the observer is invited to concentrate on the white bird, delicately perched on a perch filled with hay. 

The image of the woman is modeled through large and material brushstrokes imbued with sparse and warm colours, evidently perceptible in the rosy hues of the incarnate, sharing the earthy shadows that contribute to bringing out the plasticity of the figure. The peculiarities of the work, its formal characteristics are influenced by Lombard painting, so much so as to make it close to those profane subjects so popular in the last decades of the 17th century. . However, the stylistic code revealed by the chromatic sobriety allows us to assign the work to Antonio Cifrondi from Bergamo and to place it within the first thirty years of the 18th century."
In fact, after having been in France he settled definitively in Brescia, mindful of the acquaintance he had with Le Brun and the direct vision of nature and daily life which inspired the transalpine painting of the 17th century.
He therefore dedicated himself to the composition of paintings where the humblest classes are the protagonists: figures of the poor, of pitocchi, of peasants, etc. The painting in question is an expression of this period, created with a fast technique, with broad brushstrokes, determined and confident.

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