Madonna with Child, Angels and Saint Joseph, 16th century

Oil on the table
104X78 cm in 124X99 frame

The painting in question depicting the Holy Family and the two angels reflects an iconography that was very widespread in the 16th century both in the various Italian and foreign painting schools.
The painting can be placed in the second half of the 16th century and probably around 1570 /80.
It is to be considered historically interesting as it is representative of that Flemish stylistic sphere which crossed Spain and Portugal and spread until culminating in some disciples of the Neapolitan school.
In particular, the painting seems be closely connected, in composition and style, with the activity of the Spanish pictorial workshops and more precisely in Palma de Mallorca.
The Flemish influences in these workshops appear since the second half of the fifteenth century and remain active until the end of 16th century, a period of which our work is representative.
In fact it is a conspicuous historical testimony of that moment of convergence of the Hispano-Flemish leio with the European one in general and in particular with the Neapolitan school, which already since the second the mid-1400s had already shown its signs with Colantonio.
Of particular interest is the iconography of the child who seems to leap out of the pictorial composition, demonstrating joy and affection towards his mother.
An iconography that is often and above all found in the Catalan school.

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